Employee Spotlight: Allison Sells, Catering Manager

We are pleased to introduce you to our new Catering Manager, Allison Sells. Allison is new to the catering team, but not new to weddings or Caneel. We asked Allison a few questions about her experience and thoughts on Caneel Bay. allison

What is your background in weddings and events? I started my wedding career working for a corporation in the Caribbean, I learned a lot and also learned how to be very creative! My career then took me to a boutique property in the United States second wedding destination, the island of Martha’s Vineyard (you could say I am drawn to islands!) In both locations I was with brides every step of the way from the venue selection to the end of the night packing away their items. I believe in taking care of my brides and grooms to make sure they have the wedding of their dreams.

How did your career take you to Caneel Bay? I was lucky enough to work in the North East wedding market for a few years and also had the opportunity to attend bridal shows in major cities like New York and Boston, I learned a lot. Ever since I stepped foot on St. John 5 years ago I always admired Caneel Bay. When my husband and I decided to move back to his home island of St. John I jumped at the chance to be a part of the Caneel Bay team in Guest Relations. Even though the position was not where my passion lies, which is weddings, I was so fortunate to be a part of this Resort. Luckily for me an opportunity came in our wedding department and I jumped at the chance to do what I love, where I love.

Is there something you particularly love about a Caneel Bay Resort wedding? What is not to love?! Caneel Bay has captured and preserved the true St. John. It is a location like no other which combines the perfect amount of history and natural beauty. A Caneel Bay wedding location has so much natural beauty already that when you add some linen, florals and lighting it takes any guests breath away.

What is your favorite setup you have created so far? I love using bistro lights to illuminate the tables underneath the night sky. It is breathtaking.

For more information about planning your Caneel Bay Wedding visit: http://www.caneelbay.com/weddings.html

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