Vibrant Island Wedding: Caneel Bay Resort


Read all about Molly & Larry’s Caneel Bay Resort wedding which took place on May 8, 2015

How did you first meet?  We first met at a Yankee Swap for a running club to which we both belonged over Christmas 2011. We talked all night but then went our separate ways. Molly was busy training for her first Boston Marathon and was not in a rush to pursue a relationship. A couple of weeks later, Larry asked Molly to a Bruins hockey game. Again, we had a great time but Molly was still training for the Marathon and not interested in a relationship. Thankfully, Larry was persistent and after many more hockey games, dinner outings, and being invited to the Pengel Easter dinner, we became “official” in May of 2012 (after the Marathon, of course).

Tell us about the proposal: The proposal happened in December of 2013. Molly’s entire family still resides in her home state of Iowa and Christmas is one holiday that Larry and Molly always make it back for. That particular night, Molly was planning to go to a Christmas Musical with her mother and four sisters. Prior to the show, in the hotel room in Iowa, Larry gave Molly her early Christmas present (the ring!) so that she could celebrate with her mother and sisters in person.

What was the vision for your wedding style? Since Larry’s family lives primarily in MA/NY and Molly’s family lives in Iowa, we wanted to make this a celebration and family vacation all in one since never again would all parties involved be at the same location at once. We cared more about everyone having fun than the pomp and circumstance. We also wanted the beautiful scenery of the ocean in the background since many of Molly’s relatives living in a land locked state rarely see the ocean. In fact, Molly’s mother had never been into the ocean until our wedding! When we first visited the island of St. John over Christmas 2014, we fell in love. In essence, we wanted all of our family and friends to also fall in love with such a beautiful place so that they would always remember our special day and special place. In addition, we wanted bold, fun colors and themes and we also did not want to have to make many decisions. This is why we hired Michelle Fage as our wedding planner. She knew our general vision (bold, fun, all about celebration) and would not overwhelm us with unnecessary options or decisions.


How many guests did you have? We invited over 150 and 75 guests ended up attending.

How did you choose Caneel Bay Resort? Turtle Point and the Estate House were the most beautiful venue we could imagine. We also liked Caneel Bay’s motto of “simple luxury” as it seemed to fit our life motto.

Describe the ceremony, what made it so special? The most unique/special part of our ceremony was that one of Molly’s four sisters, Anne, performed the ceremony- her first ceremony! It was also pretty unique that we had a group of boaters shouting at us from the water mid-ceremony.
Describe the reception, what made it unique/special: The reception was great because everything was in one place and the events flowed so nicely. Many of our guests appreciated the fact that we took care of the cake cutting, first dance, etc during the cocktail hour. The reception was also special because we had a non-stop party and dance floor. The DJ commented on Molly’s father/daughter dance saying it was the “fastest one he’d ever seen” as they danced to “Good Golly Miss Molly.” We also had awesome glow wands as dance floor props that kept everyone on the dance floor until the very end.

Tell us about your floral arrangements:  We used Roses Too as our florist. We gave very general guidance on our flowers and just said we wanted fun, island flowers in hues of pink, orange, and yellow.
How did your find your wedding favors? We got a bunch of spice packets from St. John Spice as we wanted our guests to literally take home some local flavor. We put them in bags with tags that said “Molly and Larry…seasoned with love May 8, 2015…and keepin’ it spicy!”


The couple said their vows, surrounded by fuchsia and yellow rose petals, on the scenic Turtle Point location.

Vendor List:

Wedding Planner: Paradise Planning
Photography-Lindsay Vann Photography
Flowers: Roses Too
Hair and Makeup: Sugar and Spice Artistry
Harpist: Jesus Zamora
Steel Pan: Albion Sewer
DJ Adonis

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