National Park Service: 100th Anniversary

We are continuing our celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service

Caneel Bay Resort is so proud to be part of the Virgin Islands National Park history. A nearby beach, Trunk Bay is a gorgeous location, but below the surface, did you know that there is a 225-yard underwater snorkeling path that travels along the bottom of the shallow waters of the bay. A series of stone markers on the sea floor provide interesting information about the marine wildlife and coral structures you are seeing. For more information about the Virgin Islands National Park and Trunk Bay, visit the NPS website here.

About Caneel Bay Resort: Set on a 170-acre peninsula amid the lush beauty of the Virgin Islands National Park and seven picturesque beaches, Caneel Bay is one of the most breathtaking vacation destinations in the Caribbean. Discovered by Laurance Rockefeller while sailing on a family cruise, this luxury hideaway is accessible only by boat or ferry and its beaches are widely considered to be among the best in the world. Learn more about Caneel Bay by clicking here.