Update, Chef’s Choice: Fermented Black Garlic

Hope you enjoyed reading our recent blog post about Fermented Black Garlic, if not you can read it here. As an update, we thought you might like to see some finished products with the Black Garlic included.

We visited Executive Chef Anthony Dawodu in his home on St. John to learn more about what you can do with black garlic. He shared this smoothie recipe that you can make at home: Beets, Honey, Mixed Berries, Banana, Soy Milk and Black Garlic

Smoothie Ingredients   blend all of the ingredients together  IMG_2161

smoothie final product

Chef’s son enjoying his delicious smoothie!

Something else you could enjoy at Caneel Bay Resort is this delicious dish created by Chef Anthony Dawodu. The ingredients are: Jumbo Shrimp, Dry Cured Ham, Linguine Pasta, Black Garlic and Sea Urchin Butter.

fresh pasta

You can find this and other inventive dishes created by Chef and his team at our Turtle Bay Estate House. Looking for something extra special during your next visit to Caneel, plan a private dinner on the beach.